Mission & Purpose

Stewarding Land for Future Generations


The Foodlands Cooperative of BC (Foodlands) is a community service co-operative founded in 2017 with the mission to secure land in trust and promote the protection and stewardship of food providing lands across BC. Foodlands works with landholders, farmers, local communities and leaders in the agricultural and land trust sectors to develop and support community foodlands models and build healthy, local food systems.

Dialogue with the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty led to changing “farmland” to “foodlands”, which recognizes the diversity of food harvesting systems, colonial history of agricultural land policies, and further opens a dialogue between and across communities and initiatives around land access and Indigenous land rights.

Foodlands upholds and demonstrates the public and community interest for sustainable land use. Foodlands is at the forefront of encouraging alternative forms of land ownership and practices that ensure our foodlands provide food security in perpetuity.