Your Land, Your Legacy

Your Land, Your Legacy

Create Your Legacy

Join us in continuing our vital work to uphold community interest for sustainable land use. Foodlands Cooperative of BC is a unique organization in Canada, at the forefront of encouraging alternative forms of land ownership and practices that ensure our foodlands provide food security in perpetuity.

Foodlands addresses the problems of rising land values, non-farm use of farmland and speculation driven by market dynamics. It also works closely with Young Agrarians to assure new entrants into agriculture have long term tenure.

Help Save the Land that Sustains Us – leave a bequest in your Will

A bequest in your will is more than a gift. It’s an expression of your passion and the things that matter the most to you. With a gift in your will to the Foodlands Cooperative of British Columbia, you will help protect food security as well as helping farmers and community groups. For today, for tomorrow and for generations to come.

We welcome an opportunity to speak with you in confidence. Please contact Heather Pritchard, Foodlands Cooperative of BC by phone at 604 916-9658 or email:

We use the word Foodland, rather than Farmland, to honour and include Indigenous food systems which are often based more on hunting, gathering, fishing, and trapping than on farming. This simple change in language expands our mandate beyond production to the ecology of the land and all it provides. We become stewards who take responsibility for the land, instead of owners “managing” it. This is just one example of the shift in perspective that we need to navigate land-access challenges: a shift in the way we think about land, a shift from commodity to community.

Every legacy gift is an important and personal matter. It is important that you discuss your intentions with your family and receive advice from your lawyer and financial advisor.

The Foodlands Cooperative of BC is a member-powered provincial cooperative that facilitates the capacity building of community groups to make land accessible and secure for food provisioning. The Foodlands Cooperative upholds and advances the public interest for sustainable land use and provides tools for the protection and stewardship of food providing lands across BC.

Legal Name:  Foodlands Cooperative of British Columbia is an incorporated Community Service Cooperative. BIN # 72614 5915. 

Our address is: 1322 256th Street, Aldergrove, BC Canada  V4W 2J4