Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s
94 Calls to Action

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) spent five years travelling across Canada, hearing stories about Residential School experiences and their effects. The TRC created many documents detailing their findings; most importantly, the 94 Calls to Action that urge all levels of government, including Indigenous, to work together to repair the...
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Decolonizing Abundance Farm

Abundance Community Farm is located in Agassiz, on the stolen land of Sts’ailes, Cheam, and Seabird Island people. The farm operates based on a community agriculture model that utilizes growing food as a tool for building land-based communities and creating harmony between people and the planet. There are five full …
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BCFSN Decolonization Resources

The Foodlands Cooperative of B.C. acknowledges that the place dominantly referred to as British Columbia is the unceded territories of 27 Indigenous Nations who have been here since time immemorial. We hold to a vision where Indigenous Nations and settlers live in relation to the land in a just and …
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