Fraser Common Farm Cooperative

Fraser Common Farm Cooperative

Fraser Common Farm is a community farm that has been cooperatively owned and managed for nearly 40 years. Through a unique balance of food production, habitat conservation, communal & individual housing, and a sincere desire for long term sustainability – this is a social and community experiment, a work in progress, and a dream come true.

Fraser Common Farm Cooperative’s interests are broad. Members are not all farmers – they are woodworkers, artisans, beer-maker, and blacksmiths. They are community advocates and internet professionals. They are parents, friends, grandparents and children. They are educators, musicians, and social activists.

“We care about the food we grow, and the land upon which we live. We grow organic food – including pre-cut salads, vegetables, culinary herbs, edible flowers, and some fruit. And the food tastes really great.”

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