Abundance Farm

Abundance Farm

An exciting experiment in community agriculture that bridges the farm and the city, offering creative solutions to food security and social well-being. Abundance Community Farm is located on the unceded territory of the Sts’ailes First Nations, close to the town now known as Agassiz, BC, 1.5 hours east of Vancouver. 

The farm has 6 permanent residents, and a network of urban Community Agriculture members farm-share to grow food, connect to nature and build community. 100 city dwellers use a scalable Community Agriculture model, that combines farm and city living to create a sustainable future.

“Abundance Community Farm was born out of a need for our community to have land for growing food and creating intentional gatherings. We are part of a community that emerged from the transformational dance scene in Vancouver. There is no formal structure; however, we are bonded by core values, such as artistic expression, co-creation, and environmental stewardship.”

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