All Feet In!

January 11,2019 — A Coop Planning Session at Ceres Circle Farm Cooperative.

Over the weekend Coop board members, farm residents and community members met for a day-long planning session and supper for brainstorming and visioning. Setting up and operating a farm cooperative that includes housing for residents and cooperative businesses that may include community members involves a lot of careful consideration. The many participants are enthusiastic but few have experience with the complexities of cooperative management. Heather Pritchard of the Foodlands Cooperative of BC facilitated the day’s meetings and led the group through a process that would amalgamate people’s experience with the land and their thoughts, hopes and dreams for the future.

After pouring over contour maps and marking out sites for possible community gardens, a shared orchard and public gardens the group went out to walk the property and see first-hand the lay of the land. It was still a beautiful day to walk the farm even though it was still covered with snow. Things are still in the “dreaming” stage and looking forward to Spring to begin to make some of these things happen. Looking forward to great things!

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