Cecilia Hogan and Kevin Morin have exceeded the $7,000 target they need to start up their sheep business on Ceres Circle farm.

The money they raised through Wayblaze crowd funding went to purchase sheep and early in January they moved into the farmhouse just in time to welcome the arrival of 20 pregnant Friesian ewes.

Much appreciation goes to David Van Seter from Wayblaze for suggesting that Foodlands Cooperative sign up with Wayblaze. David’s relationship with FarmFolk CityFolk goes back to the early days when he participated in FarmFolk CityFolk’s think tank on “how to best support the development of a sustainable food system”. The group prioritized the support for sustainable businesses and David, with the group’s feedback, started up SPUD (Small Potatoes Urban Delivery), which he grew and eventually sold. He now co-partnering on a new venture, raising money for community organizations through a crowd-funding platform. Thank you David!

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