Project Update: Ceres Circle Farm

We are holding the vision that next year, once again, there will be sheep grazing on Ceres Circle Farm. Sue Haley, the owner who is gifting the land, Heather Pritchard, FarmFolk CityFolk, who has been leading the development of the Foodlands Cooperative, and Derek Gent and Allison Fekler, Vancity Community Foundation met last week to outline the steps needed to put the land in trust. They talked about the responsibilities involved in managing it as a community asset — an interim arrangement until it can be passed onto a local Kelowna community group. We are excited to announce that we are negotiating a lease with a young couple who will, starting in the new year, begin to fix up the farmhouse and purchase the sheep needed to bring the farm back into production.

Also, County Life Magazine has just run a story about the Foodlands Cooperative in their November edition.

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