Land Transfer Legal Literacy Project

The Legal implications of agricultural land transfer are currently not widely understood by many landowners, community organizations working on land access and food security, and the general public in British Columbia. 

The Foodlands team is currently hard at work implementing the Land Transfer Legal Literacy Project. The broad goal of the project is to engage legal expertise to determine the options, associated steps, and costs of having land transferred into a community service co-op (either charitable or not) via donation or other acquisition strategies. This legal research is being compiled into a series of resource guides translated into simple language and format to be distributed to landowners, and the general public to enhance understanding of how to secure land for agricultural uses in perpetuity. 

This project is directly addressing a community need to make the law more accessible by providing our organization with professional development to increase our legal literacy. 

We will develop materials to enhance our educational efforts and to ensure we can communicate accurate, accessible information to those that we serve.

This project is funded in part by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Government of British Columbia through the Agri-Food Futures Fund. This program is delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of B.C.

This project is funded in part by The Law Foundation of BC