Our Farmer Moves In!

One of the goals of Lohbrunner Community Farm Cooperative is to address the prohibitive cost of farmland for new entrants to farming. When Norma Lobhrunner passed away she left the old farm house unoccupied. The Coop saw this as a perfect opportunity to get a young farmer on the land.

Working with the Young Agrarians Land Matching program the Coop sought a young farmer with some farming experience fill the void and in April agreed to lease the house and 2 acres of land to Ariella Falkowski in order to start up her farming business. Ariela is already in the planning stage. “I’m going to work up the land this year,” she says, “and, starting in 2018, I’ll put in about half an acre of vegetables.”

Ariela is excited to finally get a piece of land of her own. “I had a small project on the farm I worked on last year where I was using some of their land and I grew medicinal herbs. It was fun, it was small, it was a good experience, but this will be my first real farm,” she says.

She’s already experienced both the challenges and rewards of farming. “The first farm I actually worked on was Madrona Farm. I’d be picking spinach and beans for like 4 hours and also did a big variety of farm tasks.” It was challenging but she loved it. “I worked at the farm stand and got to meet a lot of the customers and to see how grateful they were for the food. I enjoyed it; it felt important.”

This is the bigger challenge for many of us: doing something we enjoy and something that feels important. Ariela notes that, “Lohbrunner Farm lets me check off those two boxes.”