Community Farms Resources

The Foodlands program responds to the urgent need to ‘grow’ more farmers and keep farmland intact for farming by supporting people involved in farmland conservation and community farming.

A key component is our hub of community farming information and resources. Many farmers have told us they can’t find business and governance information and other resources relevant to small and medium scale farm businesses and cooperative farms.

We encourage use of this information for personal and public non-commercial use, and request that the Community Farms Program be acknowledged.

Please contact us with suggestions and new resources!

Community Farms Project Materials

Community Farming in BC

BC’s Farming and Food Future:
A Local Government Toolkit for Sustainable Food Production

Community Farms Feasibility Study

Starting a Community Farm

Cultivating Coops

Feasibility and Business Plan Guide

A Guide to Farmland Access Agreements

A Review of Farmland Trusts

Whole Farm Plan Guide

Sample Whole Farm Plans

Glen Valley Cooperative Farm Behaviour Guidelines

Glen Valley Cooperative Farm Constitution