Elvezio Del Bianca

Elvezio Del Bianco,
Program Manager,
Co-operative Partnerships
Vancity Credit Union

As Vancity Credit Union’s Program Manager for Cooperative Partnerships, Elvezio (“Elvy”) Del Bianco works internally on disseminating knowledge of the cooperative business model to increase Vancity’s capacity to support co-ops, and externally on building partnerships and developing projects with cooperatives and others to help realize a stronger cooperative economy. This work is largely informed by the activities of the Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, the world’s most significant cooperative economy and the focus of Vancity’s Co-operative Study Tour, which Elvy has organized since 2008. Elvy is the founder and organizer of Cooperate Now, a co-op business model education program and the President of the Board of the Clinton Park Thingery Cooperative.

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